Nicola DiGuglielmo, M.D.


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Nicola DiGuglielmo, M.D. practices Internal Medicine and possess many degrees starting with a Bachelors of Biologic Science at Rutgers in 1976. He then continued his studies at Rutgers to aquire a Masters in Public Administration, specializing in Healthcare Administration. His thirst for knowledge continued as he traveled to Pampolona Spain to enroll at the Universidad de Navarra to complete his studies and getting his Doctorate of Medicine in 1984. He has 20+ years of clinical experience running a private practice affilliated with Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune NJ from 1987 through 2010. He then became an Internist with Jersey Shore for 8 years before joining Farmingdale Family Practice. As an M.D., Nicola possesses the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat acute illnesses, provide ongoing care for chronic disease and promote preventive healthcare services.